About The English Adept

The Purpose of The English Adept

is to help you learn English online by becoming an expert in understanding the way it’s really spoken. Come and listen to people talk about their lives, their passions, their experiences, their knowledge, and much more. Learn how to wield your English like a native speaker, and let natural phrasing guide your studies. Improve your listening comprehension, your pronunciation, your vocabulary, and your understanding of local idiom. Read The English Adept Blog, which is written by language learners just like yourself and designed to enhance your enjoyment and practical learning of English. Thanks for coming by.

The English Adept is a dual resource in your journey to become fluent in English. First, the Blog will cover a tremendous range of topics pertinent to your endeavor. We post regularly, and generally keep it short and to the point so that it’s easy to review and study. You’ll find serious topics, whimsical ones, practical tips, language trivia, cultural insights, slang, and much more. You’ll find posts for beginners and advanced speakers alike. We get tons of great ideas from our readers, like yourself, so feel free to let us know what you’d like to see on these pages!

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Second, the Video Study Area of our site contains a collection of videos to supercharge your study of spoken English. These video vignettes will add a very powerful practice to your language learning. Click here for more detail.

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