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It’s tough to learn another language. Studying a language by traditional means, for whatever reasons, is poor practice for understanding the way real native speakers speak. It can make language learning an intimidating and frustrating experience. We’ve been there. Here’s the thing: If you want to one day SPEAK like a native speaker, you need to become awesome at understanding what you are HEARING.

Video Study will make you awesome at understanding what you are hearing.


Membership with The English Adept provides access to the Video Study galleries. The primary purpose of these videos is help you practice listening comprehension of English the way that English is actually spoken by native speakers. No scripts. No actors. No artificially constructed phrases. Real people, talking about things the way they really do.

We will post new videos and transcriptions every week. They will be short enough that you can listen to each one multiple times and absorb every word and every nuance. Each one will have a transcript so that you can be certain that you are understanding every word spoken.

The cost of membership is super cheap. Learning a language shouldn’t be an expensive endeavor for anybody. Click here to join The English Adept.

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